Our Product Offerings

FMD Distribution and Service takes pride in the superior quality and dependability of the products we sell and service.

Small Volume Provers (SVP's)

Flow Management Devices (FMD) offers a comprehensive line of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers (Small Volume Provers) and accessories. FMD is the industry leader in innovative meter proving technology.

>  Stationary Provers
>  Portable Provers
>  Cryogenic Provers
>  Proving Trucks and Trailers

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Sampling Solutions

Oil and Gas Process Solutions (OAG-PS) provides sampling and analysis technologies for water cut, density, viscosity, vapor pressure and compositional issues for use with both crude oil and refined products.

OAG-PS Products:
>  Refined Product Sampling Systems (Fast Loop)
>  Crude Oil Sample Pots
>  Extraction Probes / Sample Probes
>  Hydrometer Thief

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All systems are designed to meet sampling specifications such as API Chapter 8, ISO 3171 and ASTM D41777.